Appeal of the hotel

High rate of repeat!
gBetter than expected.h

Appeal 1 Ideal location

Hotel locates a 4-minute walk from JR (Japan Railway) Ooimachi station which is the next to Shinagawa station. Ideal location for both business and sightseeing because the station is complex of JR, Tokyu Railway and Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit. Ooimachi also appeals its old- fashioned town.

Appeal 2 Reasonable price

Hotel offers you reasonable room rate to enjoy and fulfil your wonderful stay in Tokyo.
eBest Rate Guaranteef for all booking through our website.

Appeal 3@ gOmotenashih Japanese heartwarming hospitality

Since we are small hotel, we welcome each and every guest with gOmotenashih as well as friendly and personal service.

Appeal 4 Warm traditional brick- built building

Our red brick building is unique and simple, and make yourself relax.